Who is eligible for E-mail Forwarding For Life?

This FAQ was last modified on: Thursday, January 3, 2019 09:34am
  • Alumni – for purposes of this policy, an alumnus/a is defined as any "former" student who successfully completed at least one Georgia Tech credit course, who leaves Georgia Tech in good academic and disciplinary standing, and no longer has access to an office 365 mailbox.
  • Retirees – "former" faculty and staff who retire from Georgia Tech.
  • Former Faculty / Staff Members – faculty and staff who leave Georgia Tech prior to retirement are eligible for EMFL privileges.
  • Affiliates – individuals not categorized above whom the affiliated Unit Head has approved for business reasons.

Please refer to the full policy for detailed, current eligibility information.  The full policy can be found at http://policies.gatech.edu/information-technology/email-life.