Email Forwarding - Office 365

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, August 2, 2017 04:12pm

You have two options available to have your emails forwarded.


1. External Forwarding

You can log into Passport and choose to have your emails forwarded directly to a third party email address by choosing an external email account under Email Destination and entering the email address in the designated field. *Be advised that once you make this selection, your office 365 mailbox and its’ contents will be removed. If there are emails currently in your Inbox that you would like to keep, you will need to forward them to an external email account or save them to an archive or .pst file prior to making this selection. (A link is provided below to assist with the data backup)


2. Store and Forward

Store and Forward allows you to keep a copy of your emails in your O365 mailbox and forward a copy to an external email account. Be Advised, that this feature will only work as long as you have access to your Office 365 mailbox. Once the license expires, this feature will no longer forward emails from your mailbox to the external email address.


*Email Forwarding For Life (EMFL) is essentially External Forwarding where you keep your Georgia Tech email address (ex. and any emails sent to this address would be forwarded to an external email address of your choosing. This address can only receive emails, not send.


*These features are subject to email Forwarding Restrictions such as Export Control or Security Clearance. If these restrictions apply to an individual, these features will not be available.