How can I use 2 Factor Authentication with the OIT Firewall Self Service?

This FAQ was last modified on: Thursday, February 2, 2017 03:23pm

The OIT Firewall Self Service page uses two factor authentication powered by Duo Security.

  1. The first step is to register the account that you use to access the OIT Firewall Self Service page with Duo. To do this, you may visit the Technology Support Center in Room 215 of the Clough Building with your Buzzcard and the phone you wish to register with Duo (if it is a mobile phone).
  2. Once you are enrolled, visit to experience Duo.
  3. You will initially be presented with a familiar GT Login screen. Login using the GT Account and password of the account that you registered with Duo.

    GT Login page

  4. You will be logged into the OIT Firewall Self Service application and can select a firewall to manage.

    OIT Firewall Self Service landing page

  5. Once you select a firewall and click on Edit, you will be taken to the Duo authentication page.

    Duo authentication page

  6. Select the phone number you want Duo to contact you at and click Log In. If you select a landline you must select the “Phone call” option. You will receive an automated call from (404) 894-7173 asking you to confirm your login. Press 1 to confirm. If you selected a mobile phone, proceed to step eight, mobile phones and devices have additional options.

    Duo tells your they are calling your phone.

    Duo tells you they are calling your phone, part two.

  7. You will then be automatically logged in and taken to the page of the firewall you chose to edit.

    Edit Firewall page

  8. If you select a mobile phone, you will have additional options

    Duo Push experience, on the browser

  9. When you registered your mobile phone with Duo, you should have downloaded the Duo app from your App Store. If you select "Duo Push", Duo will send a notification to your phone.

    Duo Push experience, on the browser

    Duo Push experience, on your device

    Once you tap "Approve", you will be logged in.

  10. If you select "Phone Call", you will receive a phone call from (404) 894-7173. Answer the call and Press 1 when prompted to be logged in.

    Duo Phone call

  11. You may also generate a one time use code using the Duo Mobile app on your phone. Launch the application, touch the key icon (circled below) and enter the code displayed in the application in the "Passcode" box.

    Duo Generate Push on Device

  12. Once you have selected and passed an authentication method, you will be automatically logged in and presented with the firewall you selected to edit.

    Edit Firewall