How do I import an application I installed manually into Installatron?

This FAQ was last modified on: Monday, January 9, 2017 01:32pm

While Installatron makes installing new web applications simple, many users don't know that you can use it to upgrade applications that you installed yourself or via Plesk's Application Vault. This guide shows you how to import your existing web application installation into Installatron. This does not modify your site at all - it simply tells Installatron about your application so that it can manage upgrades in the future. 


Login in to your control panel from Plesk Web Admin page on and select "Installatron Application Installer"

Plesk Web Admin page on


Plesk control panel page with Installatron Application Installer Link on the right side of the page.

If you are not taken there by default, click the Application Browser tab at the top of the page.

Location of Application Browser Link on the top right of the page.


Select the application you wish to import. If you have installed your GT Drupal site manually, you will have to click on Drupal Icon. 

A list of CMS icons.


Click on the import icon next to "+ install this application", then Click on "Import Existing Install" link.

Location of Import Existing Install button - Top right of the page.


Click the Import button to begin the import process. Note: The migrate feature is currently unsupported.

Import Button


Enter information about your installation. If you did not install your application in a subdirectory of httpdocs you should leave the directory field blank

Import Button


This imported Drupal install is NOT set to automatically update! You need to set that up.

Click on the button with a wrench which may say "View/Edit Details"

Under the Automatic Update section select "Create a backup and update to new minor versions and security releases. (Recommended)" and then click save all at the bottom.

Select Create a backup and update to new minor versions and security release option.

And that's it! You will see the application you imported on Installatron's "My Applications" tab and you are ready to upgrade!

Successfully imported application to Installatron.