How do I install the OIT Laptop Printing Package on a Mac OS X?

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 02:51pm

Installing the Laptop OIT Printing Package for Mac OS X

This package is only compatible with OSX 10.7-10.10. If you have 10.6 or previous it will not install correctly and you will need to upgrade your OS. 
  1. Start the installation process by downloading the OIT Mobile Printing Installation package. This package can be found at
    Note: You will NOT need to uninstall the previous version on your laptop.
  2. Once you have downloaded the disk image, mount it by double clicking on it. Shortly after you have mounted the disk image, an icon named Laptop Print Package will appear on your desktop.
  3. Open the shortcut, you will see an image of Buzz with three books. Click on the Installer book.
  4. If you are on Yosemite or later, Right click or two finger tap on the Installer and choose open with -> Installer instead of double clicking to prevent the gatekeeper dialog prompt.

    Mac Printing Installer Launcher   OR  

  5. Choose Install and Continue through the installation screens. Enter your user credentials (if prompted).
    *Note you must have administrator privileges to your laptop to complete the installation.
  6. Next, check the boxes of all printers you would like to utilize. The Color printers have been separated out by building so you must check Color - COB Building if you wanted to print color in the college of business for example. Also, Central-PS is included in this list.

Available Printers

6. Take note: the last step of the installation process requires you to restart your machine.

Congratulations! You have completed the installation process for the Mobile OIT Printers. Please read the document How do I use Laptop Printing? for information on how to use each of the printers properly.

Printer Locations


     If you receive a popup error after installing the new package please verify that you are using the newest printer as the package sometimes does not delete the old ones. The newest package has GT- in front of all the printer names, GT-Black_all_Campus instead of mobileblack for instance. 

     If you are having any additional trouble please visit us in the Technology Support Center in Clough Commons, next to Starbucks.