How do I move my GaTech Email to my personal Email account?

This FAQ was last modified on: Monday, November 26, 2018 03:28pm

If you are graduating, already graduated, or just want to move your emails from your Georgia Tech email account to your personal email account and you appear as a "former" student, it has never been easier! Please follow the process outlined below to move your emails from the Georgia Tech email account to the personal email account such as Gmail, Yahoo,, etc.:

  • Create a folder in your Georgia Tech email, example “Archives”. Now move all the emails in your inbox in your Georgia Tech email to the newly created Archives folder
  • Locate and double click on the Outlook Client which is located under the Microsoft Application on your computer which will open up a screen as shown below:

Add Account Visuals 

  • Without changing the default setting, enter the following information:
    • Under the Name Field, enter your first and last name
    • Under the email section, enter your: 
    • Under the password, enter your GT Account Password, re-verify in the next box

Add Account Info filled out

  • Click Next, allow time for the process to authenticate.

Click Finish

  • Once the above process is complete, click finish.
  • Now add your personal email account in the Outlook Client using the above outlined process, for example, your Google account, Yahoo,, etc.
    • For this step, under the email section, enter your personal email i.e.   

Inbox elements

  • Once you have your two accounts set-up in the Outlook client, close and re-open the Outlook client.
  • To move your emails from your GT mailbox to your personal account, left click and hold down on the folder you created you earlier in this process i.e “Archives folder”, drag and drop the folder in the personal email Account in the Outlook Client. 

Office 365 Archive Folder


NOTE: You can  also move the individual emails from one account to another in Outlook client by using the drag and drop process as described in the folder drag and drop method.

You have successfully moved your emails from one account to another!!!