How do I print from any device?

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 02:46pm

     To print to any printer except for Central-PS navigate to MyPrintCenter ( This site is ONLY accessible on a campus network (VPN, GTWifi, etc.) See below for Central-PS. MyPrintCenter acts much like an online print queue. From here you can upload jobs to release stations for printing. You can also email files as attachments to: – B/W double sided
printblack@gatech – B/W single sided – Color single sided

and be able to release them at a standard release station. There is a 50MB size limit. The following image shows the Pharos Print Center (Standard) Jobs List screen. 

Print Job Layout



Central Printing website

To access Central-PS, Navigate to

          This site is ONLY accessible on a campus network (VPN, GTWifi, etc.) Also it will only work if you have swipped your buzzcard at any print release station once before submitting jobs online. From here you can upload files to print and be delivered to the Student Center 2nd floor.

Printing Service

       After upload you can change some of the printing options as well. You must check the I have viewed the proof and preview box to place an order. Once you are satisfied hit place order. This system still uses the standard semesterly Central-PS quota and will not charge your buzzcard.



  If you run into any trouble please email