How Do I Reserve a Loaner Laptop via EMS?

This FAQ was last modified on: Tuesday, February 19, 2019 04:09pm
  1. Log in to the Georgia Tech Events Reservation System 

    EMS login

  2. At the bottom of the home page, select "OIT Laptop Request".

    OIT Loaner Request Form Tab

  3. Input a starting date and select recurrence. Please note that your request must be submitted three or more business days in advance.

    Click Recurrence

  4. In the Recurrence menu, there are 3 ways you can enter the dates of your reservation:

    • Your 1st option is to select "Daily" and input "1" for the number of days. Under "Range of Recurrence", select either the number of days you would like to reserve the laptop. You also have the option to simply select an ending date. Select "Apply Recurrences."
      Daily Recurrence

    • Your 2nd option is to select Weekly for weekly patterns. For this option, select the weekly frequency, days of reservation, and number of  occurrences or end date for your reservation.
      Weekly Recurrence

    • Your 3rd option is to select Random, where you can make irregular reservations by clicking on the dates you wish for loans.
      Random Recurrence

  5. Verify the recurrence information and select "Search".
    Click Search

  6. Press the plus sign to select an available laptop. The availability is displayed to the right of the device name. Please note the availability listed refers to the number of days the laptops are available for use within your reservation.

    Laptop Availability

  7. Your selected laptops will appear at the top.

    Selected Laptops

  8. Click "Next Steps" when you are ready to continue.

    Next Step

  9. Select the the group that you are affiliated with to enable an auto-fill of your information. Supply the rest of info as needed.

    Client Info

  10. After you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions, select "Create ReservationRead and agree to terms and conditions and proceed

  11. You will now see a screen showing that your reservation has been created and you will receive a confirmation email shortly

    Confirmation Form