Why I am seeing Two-factor login is needed: Access Denied?

This FAQ was last modified on: Wednesday, September 5, 2018 01:59pm

[This FAQ applies to both Employees and All Credit Students (On Campus or  On-Line )]

  • For Employees: You will be required to be enrolled and use Two-factor Authentication immediately.  This applies to Graduate Students who are hired.
  • For Credit Students: You will have 10 class days to enroll and be using Two-factor Authentication. Enforcement will take place on the 3rd Monday of classes each semester. Classes start on a Monday and on the third Monday Enforcement will take place.

Are you seeing a Georgia Tech Login Service - Two-factor login is needed: "Access Denied. The username you have entered cannot authenticate with Duo Security. Please contact your system administrator." message?

This message means that you are not yet enrolled in the Georgia Tech Two-factor Authentication Service.  

This image shows the Two-factor login is needed Access Denied screen

Step 1: Open another browser window and login into Passport (passport.gatech.edu) with your GTAccount (looks like this example: gburdell3) and your GTAccount Password.


Step 2: Read the information on this Passport Two-Factor Authentication page.

Step 3: The choose the “Set up two-factor authentication with your phone” link.

This image shows the Two-factor authentication information screen

Step 4: Get Your Phone Ready for Two-Factor Authentication by following the listed instructions.  This includes finding and installing the DUO Mobile app on your smartphone.

This image shows the Two-factor authentication Get your phone ready screen

Step 5: When done with the above Get Your Phone Ready for Two-Factor instructions, choose the “I’m done – continue to phone registration” link. This will take you to a phone registration screen in Passport and allow you to register your phone or blue Duo token (available in BuzzCard Center on the second floor of Georgia Tech's Bookstore (Barnes & Noble).

This image shows the Passport Add a Phone for Two-Factor Authentication screen

Step 6: Fill in the information requested about your phone and choose "Add Phone"

Step 7: You will be presented a page to choose how you want to activate your phone.  You can choose:

  • To have an SMS activation link sent to your phone
  • Or have a QR code presented.  To use this option, open the DUO Mobile App on your phone and choose "Add Account".  You need to allow DUO to use your device's camera to scan the QR code when it is presented to you
    • (Please Note: Be Patient: it might take up to 1 minute for the QR code to be created and presented on your laptop/tablet screen so you can scan it with your phone.)

Once your phone is activated, you will see the Georgia Institute of Technology account in your DUO Mobile App.

Now, when you log in you will start seeing the Two-Factor Login Screen.

You can choose:

  1. Push:  Will send a DUO Approval to your DUO Mobile App to either Approve or Deny (if it wasn't you that just tried to log in) This is the most convenient option.
  2. Call Me:  Choosing this option will have DUO call your phone number and ask you to Approve or Deny the login.
  3. Enter a Passcode: This option is useful if your phone is not available.  If you have Backup Codes you generated and printed in Passport, received a Rescue Code
    1. OR if you do have your phone but no cell or WiFi service - you can choose the Georgia Institute of Technology account in your DUO Mobile App and it will present a recycling Code.

Finally, Remember:  To keep you from getting locked out of your account - Go to Passport -> Two-factor authentication menu option and do the following (in order of importance):

  1. Generate and Print Back-up Codes - Most 2FA tickets are because someone lost their phone, the phone is dead or broken, etc.
  2. Add Trusted Friends in Passport - These friends can provide a Rescue Code for you in an emergency.

For more information go to 2FA.gatech.edu.